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Rotem One Controller

Phone 07 3829-3242 or contact [email protected] for pricing.

Product Description

The Rotem One, the most advanced climate control unit, provides poultry and swine farmers with vastly expanded capabilities. 

Featuring all the functionality of the Rotem Platinum Pro Controllers, the Rotem One’s enlarged 15.6” screen provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that brings all the advantages of Rotem touch screens to your farm.

The Touch screen brings together mission critical data in one easy to read screen. Defining functions is done directly from a large screen designed for its ease of use.

Its modular architecture enables a high level of flexibility in its system design, supporting a large number of devices and up to 200 2HP heavy duty relays (including expansion units). Rotem One’s enclosure was designed to facilitate installation and maintenance, while a switch guard door keeps toggle switches securely in place.


Product Information

  • Large range of hardware combinations enables extremely flexible system design
  • Less wiring to ventilation fans required (when used in conjunction with the HUBs).
  • Expansion boxes support input/output devices, removing the need for additional controllers
  • Improved software capabilities support an unlimited number of devices, including scales, meters, digital thermostats, and more
  • Extended longevity of hardware components
  • Minimal internal heat improves durability in hot climates
  • Reduced electrical noise levels inside the controller improve signal quality
  • Simplified troubleshooting enables detecting faulty cards easily and quickly

Pricing & Technical Specifications

For pricing and information on the Rotem range of climate controllers please email [email protected] or call (07) 3829 3242.

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