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Multiheat Hot Water Heater Unit

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Product Description

Multiheat's Hot Water Unit provides dry heat from a unique air distribution unit.

With Multiheat Hot Water Heaters, a good climate in your poultry house is guaranteed.

A central boiler (for example gas or biomass) produces hot water of 80°C or even 90°C, which is transported to the Multiheat heaters in the building. Because of the hot water, the radiator of the heater gets very hot and the built-in fan pulls the air of the house through the fins of the hot radiator.

The air heats up very quickly and this warm air is divided through the building.

The 6 exhausts of the Multiheat heater throws hot air 15 meters to all sides, 30 meters in total. Since the boiler is placed outside the shed, no CO2 is being blown into the poultry house, with the following benefits as a result:


  • 30-40% saving on your energy bill, because of much less ventilation
  • More O2 around the birds, so more activity which results in heavier chickens

  • The Multiheats produce dry air, which results in dry litter, which results in less foot diseases and less or no antibiotics
  • A proven NH3 reduction of 60%
  • An improved feed conversion, 7 Points is not an exception
  • 17 to 110 kW units available
  • During hot weather the units can also be used for cooling

Pricing & Technical Specifications

For pricing and information on the Multiheat Hot Water Unit please email or call (07) 3829 3242.

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