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Express Cool Evaporative Cooling System from Munters is the choice alternative.

Each system utilizes the natural cooling effect of evaporation to efficiently cool the air entering your buildings. Combined with the windchill effect of tunnel ventilation, these systems improve production in the hottest weather.

Modular pad assembly holds and wets a choice of pad materials for the ultimate in efficient and effective cooling.

Inlet air temperatures can be reduced by 10-20 degrees F on most days, and even more under ideal conditions.

More benefits:

  1. Cooling pads easily lift out
  2. Extruded uv-stabilized PVC drip collectors
  3. End-mounted drain allows customizing of tank and location
  4. Custom designed drip collectors for maximum water capacity and easy installation
  5. Simple to install drain fittings
  6. UV-resistant PVC reservoir
  7. Heavy duty extruded uv-stabilized PVC wall mounting brackets
  8. Sumpless design available


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NAME: Express Cool Evaporative Cooling
TYPE: Evaporative Cooling Systems
USES: Broilers, breeders, layers, free-range, organic operations
  Munters Product
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1. Excellent durability - extruded uv-stabilized PVC and corrosion resistant

2. Spray deflector ensures uniform pad wetting

3. Water Distribution can be seen without undoing the header

4. Deflector ensure that water is evenly spread along the pads to ensure an ideal wetting of all pads

5. Removable pad retainer for easy cleaning, open view header option available.


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