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Automatic chain feeding system for rearing and management of broiler and layer breeders, for layers in floor management and for rearing pullets and broilers – a reliable feeding system for over 60 years.


FEED HOPPER - Feed storage

There are different capacities available to match requirements (feed lines, size of the hopper extensions).

The Feed Hopper can be equipped with a feed return wheel to prevent feed overflowing.

DRIVE UNIT - Drives chain line

Chain drive is always separate from the feeder so that the feeding system can be adapted without problems to the house.

Available in 1 or 2 line designs with simple height adjuster.

Chain speed can be 12, 18 or 36 m/min depending on type of feeding (ad libitum or restricted).


90 DEGREE CORNER - Engineered for trouble-free operation of feed chain around corners.

Maintenance-free 90 degree corner.
Corner wheel with plastic brushing needs no lubrication.
Fully hardened guide rail.
Solid housing with detachable cover.
Heat-sealed plastic coating.
Long service life, minimal deterioration, no maintenance.


CHAMPION FEED CHAIN - Feed chain that distributes the feed evenly, rapidly and reliably throughout the entire house.

Feed separation as the chain carries the feed to the birds, achieving uniform weights.

A conveying capacity of 0.7 to 1.5kg feed/m can be adjusted at the feeder.


FEED TROUGH - Ideal design for easy feeding for each bird.

Unique shape and width guarantees that the birds do not disturb each other when feeding.

Feed losses reduced to unavoidable minimum.

Available in two profiles:
Regular trough model for broilers and pullets
Medium trough model for layers and breeders.

Standing or suspension versions, trough coupler ensures perfectly straight feeding line.



Rugged legs to support chain feeding system.

Rugged plastic legs ensure long service life, even when standing in litter.

Inclination of 4 degrees or 8 degrees depending on the manure pit.


AUTOLIMIT FEED SCALE - the precise feed scale

Precise feed weighing is a pre-requisite for controlled rationed feeding. The desired daily feed quantity is adjusted at the scale and is then filled the large weighing container.

As a result, the birds always receive the right amount of feed – no more and no less.

The weighing container is available in two different sizes: 1250 l and 1850 l.

A further type of feed weighing is the Big Dutchman silo weighing system – either mechanical or electronic.



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NAME: Chain feeding system
TYPE: Automatic chain feeding for modern poultry management
USES: Broilers, breeders, layers, free-range and organic operations
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1. Automated chain feeding system.

2. Robust and simple.

3. Big Dutchman developed the ideal fast feeding system for restricted broiler breeder feeding by increasing the conveying speed to 36m/min.

4. Proven system that has been improved and adapted to today's modern requirements for poultry management.

5. Each component proven to be reliable.




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